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American Made from Hardwoods

This is the smart work space solution. A large desk and a comfortable bed. We have many styles to choose from to fit today's home. 


murphy beds

WVU50WH OPEN CUT OUT ANGLE-fotor-bg-remover-20231020173427.png
WVU50WH CLOSED CUT OUT-fotor-bg-remover-2023102017341.png

Our Table Murphy beds are equipped with a large workspace that can be easily tucked away when it’s time to rest. It’s the perfect solution for small apartments, guest rooms, or home offices. .

Welcome to Wallbeds Company, a family-owned business specializing in modern specialty hardwood furniture since 1990. As a California manufacturer, we adhere to the strictest environmental laws in the country, ensuring that our products are both stylish and eco-friendly. Our furniture is designed to be useful and practical, providing you with the perfect solution for your space-saving needs. Trust Wallbeds Company to provide you with high-quality, innovative furniture that will transform your home.

We do more than just Murphy Beds

RVUT50 CUT OUT OPEN-fotor-bg-remover-20231020174120.png
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