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Leading Murphy Bed Manufacturer in the USA

Welcome to Wallbeds Company, your premier manufacturer of Murphy Bed furniture. We understand the need for functional living spaces and that's why we offer a range of innovative products that are designed to transform your space into more. A guest bed and a workspace, hobby room, home gym and something more! Our goal is to provide you with a perfect combination of luxury, convenience and practicality. Choose from our wide range of designs, engineered for long-term durability, and experience the best

in space-saving solutions.

This is the smart work space solution. A large desk and a comfortable bed. We have many styles to choose from to fit today's home. 

WVU50WH OPEN CUT OUT ANGLE-fotor-bg-remover-20231020173427.png
WVU50WH CLOSED CUT OUT-fotor-bg-remover-2023102017341.png

Our Table Murphy beds are equipped with a large workspace that can be easily tucked away when it’s time to rest. It’s the perfect solution for small apartments, guest rooms, or home offices. .

RVUT50 CUT OUT OPEN-fotor-bg-remover-20231020174120.png
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