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Dale Vertical Office Bed

This is a game changer when it comes to space-saving furniture!  Its large workstation and a comfortable queen size bed makes this piece of furniture perfect for both small spaces and large living areas.

The spacious desk (24" deep by 60" long) allows you to really spread out your project and items up to 14" tall can remain on the desktop when you lower down the bed. With the vertical model you’ll have easy access to both sides of the bed.

The desk bed accepts a regular, comfortable mattress—not a fold-up mattress.

All of our desk beds are made in the US from hardwood veneers and trimmed in solid hardwood and

they provide a combination of style and functionality.

Dale Vertical Office Bed SKU DVB50, APBQ, ABQS in Maple Finish

Dale office Bed by Wallbeds Company.jpg

Dale Horizontal Office Bed SKU DW50, APLF, AFC in Cognac Finish

If it’s more room to spread out your project that you need then choose the horizontal model. The desktop is the length of a queen size bed.  With the horizontal model you can leave items up to 16” tall on the desk when you bring the bed down.  The upper hutch provides additional storage. 

Dale Horizontal Office Bed


This LED light set is the perfect addition to any Murphy Bed! The office beds feature two or three 150 lumen fixtures in silver or black to provide task lighting for the desk as well as the bed when opened. An On and Off switch is conveniently located on the left side of the cabinet, reachable from both the desk and the bed. Additionally, the interior headboard features a USB charging port, making it the perfect spot to charge your devices.


Slight variation in color will occur between this and the actual product. Actual product may also have grain pattern, character markings and dark or light variations. The overall appearance will provide an even coloring, but subtly reveal the joinery seams and wood grain effects of your true wood furniture.Please refer to the actual wood sample.  

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